Self Priming Shallow Well Pump Manufacturers & Suppliers
Two Stage Self Priming Shallow Well Pump Manufacturers & Suppliers

Extruded aluminum body.

Self Priming Shallow Well pump is coated with powder.

Noryl is the impeller used.

Inbuilt Thermal Overload Protector.

Seal of Ceramic & Graphite.

It is Self lubricated with double ball bearings.

HP Head range (MTS) Discharge (LPH)
Two Stage 10 to 45 21 to 54
ECO - 1.0 HP 4 to 29 0 to 53
ECO - 1.0 HP BS1 10 to 37 0 to 55
ECO - 1.0 HP BS2 10 to 37 0 to 55

Self Priming Shallow Well is Compact, Efficient and reliable in operation.

Designed to operate under wide voltage fluctuations.

Require very simple maintenance.

Monoblock Centrifugal-Self Priming pump from Besten Pumps renders trouble free service.

Need not use Foot valve.

Sumps and shallow wells.

The pump can be lifted as per the necessity.

Monoblock Centrifugal-Self Priming shallow well pump is used for Car Washing.

Small raise buildings.

The pump is picked often for watering the Lawn & Garden .

S.NO HP KW TYPE PIPE SIZE (mm) Head in Meters
Two Stage 10 20 30 35 40 45
1 1.0 0.75 BS2L 25X25 54 53 50 46 34 21
The above performance are based on a means supply voltage of 220 V-1 ph 50 Cycles.